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Galdo's Gift front cover: 1500 x 1687 pixels (please contact us if larger image is needed)

Galdo's Gift book cover: 555 x 624

Galdo's Gift book cover: 278 x 313 pixels

Galdo's Gift on an iPad

Galdo's Gift storyboard

Galdo's Gift inside pages example

Eleanor and Trevor performing Galdo's Gift at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival 2017

We've performed our book at a number of festivals.  Eleanor wears masks of the various characters (Velcro proved useful) made from blown up images of our illustrations to act out the story whilst Trevor has the easier task of reading the story.  As well as free stickers and a chance for children to have their photo taken wearing the mask of their favourite character, we also hand out activity sheets for them to create their own hero character and adventure.


The Authors explain the process of creating animated illustrations and how it can inspire children to create their own

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Trailer (children reading version)

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Trailer (animation version)

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ACTIVITY: Colour & Create; Sir Strompoff

An A4 black and white PDF for your readers/viewers to print out, colour, cut out and create their own character from the book.

The pdf has a link to an explainer video embedded within it.

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