The Characters

King Galdo III


my name is King Galdo III


And here is my hero selection list :-


Sir Strompoff

Sir Strompoff's head

A noble knight. 

What he lacks in energy, he makes up for in persistence. He's a bit creaky, which I think is mostly due to his rusty armour, although I'm not completely sure of that.



Brendara's head

Brave Brendara.

She is certainly not one to suffer fools gladly. And I should know; many a time I've been put in my place by her sharp words... and I'm the King for goodness sake!


Dandy Doogood

Dandy Doogood's head

Ah, Dandy Doogood ...

He'll answer the call! Such a fine young man, so dashing and well dressed. Although, perhaps he could spend a little less time looking in the mirror and more time fighting monsters... just a thought.


Master Mustafo

Master Mustafo's head

Here's the Mighty Mustafo!

Well now, he's the master of the Galdovian Seas. No sea monster would dare pop it's ugly head above water with Mustafo around.

Oh, and let's not forget his trusty crew of tuneful mariner mates. Look out for their beautiful singing on the Secret page!