The Story


We'd love to tell you more...

Hello. Welcome to Galdovia. My name is King Galdo... the third, but you can call me His Superior Highness, if you like. Our story starts with you (that's right, you heard me correctly, you!) and your visit to Galdovia.

King Galdo talking
King Galdo the Third's signature
King Galdo's wax seal

Now, it is written in ancient law that a distinguished guest such as yourself shall have a rare and glorious gift bestowed upon you. Such a precious gift can only be found in the most ridiculously dangerous and furthest reaches of this great land.


In my younger days I would leap (or should I say hop) at the chance to boldly undertake the task myself. But, alas, as I am now in my latter years, I need to find some other poor ... er I mean brave ... souls to complete the task for me.

My story follows my chosen heroes searching for the perfect gift and we discover what wonderful offerings they brought back especially for you...

That's all, goodbye.

King Galdo III