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Copy and paste one of the images below into emails (see gif above).  Either that or right click on the image on desktop or laptop and save to your computer.  Then drop the image into your email and add the link to the image through your email controls.

See notes accompanying each image as to where they link to.

Use this for linking to trailer in emails !!! ....

Book Cover: Trailer on GaldosGift.com

This links to the latest Galdo's Gift trailer on GaldosGift.com


TICKET: Free Promo Code

Add to an email to give access to a promo code for a free copy of Galdo's Gift iBook


Galdo’s Gift Guide Book Image (very small)

Galdo’s Gift guide book

Email Banner: Links to Galdo's Gift Website

Add to the end of emails




Book Cover: Links to Galdo's Gift iBook

on the Apple Store

Add to email to give a link to Galdo's Gift on the Apple Store in available territories


TICKET: Video Demo of the first third of the book

This is an early version of the book showing many of the features that are in the final version.



Above ticket is for the video demo


Ticket: Stills of all the pages (i.e. complete story) via NDA page

+video demo and further details

(needs password - happy to send this, just ask :-) )

https://www.galdosgift.com/nda (needs password : everybooka*******

https://www.galdosgift.com/nda (needs password : everybooka*******

Above ticket is for the 'vip area', it requires user to enter their details and agree to an NDA before they go to the VIP passworded page. (the whole book in PDF-like form (i.e. no animation etc.) + video demo (needs password)

Book Cover: Links to galdosgift.com (good to add to the end of emails)



Book cover: Links to Galdosgift.com (Same as one above but animated gif 3MB)




Galdo's Gift at number 3 in iBooks Charts: Links to Galdo'sGift.com



Emma’s Trumpet Blower badge

Brendara Emma Trumpet Blower.png

Tapocketa Logo: For email signatures (links to tapocketa.com)



Tapocketa Studio Logo: For email signatures (links to tapocketa.com)


Strompoff 'Colour and Construct' PDF

Has link on PDF to explainer video



Brendara's Crazy Hairdo

Has link on PDF to explainer video