WIN A Boovie!!!

That's right a Boovie®!  How exciting!

What?  What do you mean 'What's a Boovie?'

A Boovie is a book-movie mashup, ...or hybrid, ...or, well, you get the idea.

The the illustrations aren't really illustrations they're little looping movies and there is a little animated character that narrates the story from the page and...well just watch the video below that explains it all...


So you want to win one?

Have you got an Apple device?  -Currently the Boovie works solely on Apple devices (sorry, we are working on getting onto others but we had to start somewhere).

There are three Boovies up for grabs!

What we need is more lovely peeps to find out about us.  So by clicking the various green buttons below (the first two green buttons unlock more opportunities to enter!) you will be helping us whilst earning entries into the competition.

Thank you & Good Luck!

(p.s. if you can't wait and want to buy it - it's only £6.99! -there's more info etc. here ).

For those who are not on Twitter we are running a parallel competition (for one copy) for those who sign up to our newsletter.